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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry  Christmas and Happy New Year

Vote on professional gluten tests

I recently had a chat with Karlo, a gluten intolerant visitor of my website from the Netherlands, who came up with the idea of testing beers in professional laboratories with professional methods, like the Competitive or Sandwich ELISA test. Compared to the home test kits we use there could benefits in getting certified results and have comparable results to the tests we made already. There is of course controversy which test method (e.g. Competitive vs. Sandwich vs. Lateral Flow Trough) or antibody (Skerritt vs. R5 vs. G12) is the best. However, the more and the more professional we test the better results we get. And now the downside: the costs are very high: between 100-110 USD (85-95 EUR) per beer per test. Nutrilab in the NL offer such services: https://www.nutrilab.nl/en

Below you find a vote on whether you would be willing to donate money for tests and what would be your limits.

In case of a positive result of the vote we can start some sort of crowdfunding and collect a certain amount of money to be used for the tests. We don’t know yet how to decide on the beer to be tested – most likely per vote again.

Please note, this is a non-profit site and non-profit idea. All the money would be used for tests. Use the comment function for discussions.

How much money would you donate for professional beer tests on gluten?

  • Between 10 and 25 USD (38%, 25 Votes)
  • Less than 10 USD (20%, 13 Votes)
  • Nothing (17%, 11 Votes)
  • More than 50 USD (14%, 9 Votes)
  • Between 25 and 50 USD (11%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Poll closed

5 Years lowgluten.org

5 Years lowgluten.org

5 years ago I started this blog without knowing what it’s going to be, whether it will be accepted by people with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity or if it makes sense at all to run a website which focuses on (low) gluten in beer. Considering the feedback, the questions and opinions I received via contact form, email and in the post comments I think, yes it was a good decision.

We have conducted more than 80 gluten tests on beer with different test kits, with different thresholds in different regions of the world. Due to job and family time is limited and the more important was the contribution from all of you, especially authors Adam, big in japan, Joe M and Thomas – big THANK YOU to you guys. But also every comment with feedback on the test results, reactions on gluten, discussions on the test kits and its antibodies was useful and can help others to identify if regular beer with no or low gluten could be an option.

We have 20.000 visitors per month on the website (real visitors, no spiders, bots, crawlers etc.). This makes me some sort of proud as I didn’t expect this at all. And it’s still growing. I also thank the people who donated – this helps to keep the site ad-free.

Five years is a long time and I will not promise to run this site another five years but I will not stop before we have achieved 100 tests!

Cheers Steffen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Xmas 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Xmas 2015

Re-design 2015

Re-Design 2015After two years using the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme it was about time to give the site a refresh. Due to the increasing use of mobile devices it was necessary to change to a full responsive design which offers more comfortability on any mobile device. I now play around with themes from Anders Noren. I always liked his designs and use his themes already on my other sites.

Please note I am still in the testing phase and play around with the themes to customize them to my own needs. It will take a few days until I have done all the changes. Thank you for your understanding.

Merry Xmas !

Merry Xmas 2014

How to read the gluten test summary table

The most visited page on my site is the test results summary table. As I received a few enquiries how the table works here a short explanation on how to read the test results.

I test the beer with two different test kits which also work differently.

The Gluten-in-Food kit works with an intensity scale, the darker the test spot the more gluten is in the sample. The test spot intensity is scaled from 0 (no visible spot) to 20 (dark red) whilst the control spot is estimated with an intensity of 6/7 (light pink). This allows the estimation of the level of gluten based on assay from the manufacturer.

The GlutenTox Home kit works with thresholds which can be set to 40, 20 or 5 ppm depending of the number of drops from the extraction solution which will be added to the unit. If a red test line appears the test is positive based on the defined threshold.

This is how it looks like on desktop PC’s:

Gluten Test Table Help

On smartphones and other responsive devices it looks like this:

Gluten Test Table Help

Some information about gluten test kits

Today I want to inform you about my experiences with the gluten test kits I use to test the level of gluten in beer.

According to my doctor the toughest for men with Celiac Disease is the avoidance of normal beer as beer naturally is brewed with barley and so they believe they cannot consume it anymore. When I was diagnosed with CD I had the same reaction. I don’t like strong alcohol or wine but I really enjoyed a beer with friends. In our culture beer is a popular drink when socialising. It’s not about getting drunk but moderate consumption of beer in good company gives you a good feeling.

I gave up wheat containing pasta, pizza and bred – not so difficult for pizza but I really loved pasta and the numerous wonderful German bread types. So I said OK I gave up good food already but is it true that I cannot drink normal beer anymore and have to drink this horrible tasting and expensive gf beers brewed with artificial ingredients, glucose syrup and whatever? And now after more than one year testing beer on its gluten content I am convinced that a lot of normal beers are suitable for a lot of Celiacs. Not for all – there are people who react on the tiniest amount of gluten. But I believe the majority can drink a lot of the normal beers available without getting reactions or intestinal damage. But it definitely makes sense to test your favourite beer on the gluten level. There are a number of test kit manufacturers and here is what I experienced:

Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit
Manufacturer: Imutest
Costs: GBP 52.50 for a 5 test kit
Antibodies used: Skerritt
Method: Lateral Flow Through
My experience: Sensitive test kit with very low detection limit (1-2 ppm). Works with test spot intensity to determine level of gluten.
Hints and tips:
-according to Imutest the extraction step can be skipped for beer as gluten in beer is already solubilized
-if you use the pipette to measure the sample let the beer settle in a glass for 30 minutes or so to avoid a bubbling effect when you fill the pipette
Here are some more information and pictures.

GlutenTox Home
GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit
Manufacturer: Biomedal
Costs: USD 70 for a 5 test kit (International), EUR 42 for a 5 test kit (Benelux)
Antibodies used: G12
Method: Lateral Flow Through
My experience: Reliable test kit. Works with thresholds (5, 10, 20, 40 ppm) depending on the number of drops taken from the sample.
Hints and tips:
-the extraction must not be skipped according to Biomedal however when I tested the same sample with and without extraction the result was the same
-to measure the sample use the enclosed spoon
Here are some more information and pictures.

EZ Gluten
Manufacturer: ELISA Tech.
Costs: USD 60 for a 5 test kit
Antibodies used: Skerritt
Method: Lateral Flow Through
My experience: -none, not tested yet-
Hints and tips:

AgraStrip Gluten
Manufacturer: Römer Labs
Costs: price available upon request
Antibodies used: G12
Method: Sandwich Lateral Flow Through
My experience: -none, not tested yet-
Hints and tips: -not suitable for testing beer according to the manufacturer

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