Hi all, the intention of this site is to allow people sharing their thoughts about beer and gluten and posting their gluten test results.

I will start with beer and maybe later extend to food. Why beer? Well, I am German and beer in Germany is not only a drink – it’s passion. The internet is full of speculation if beer can be consumed by people with Coeliac Disease or not – so it’s time to test this great drink on its gluten content. Some of the regular beer contains more and some less gluten (measured in ppm, find some more information here) and I simply want to know how much gluten beer contains. Further more, there are plenty of gluten free beer which I assume correctly declared, however why not test your favourite gluten free beer?

Contributors: You are invited to contribute with your test results. Here is a guide on how to contribute.

Coeliac Disease: If you are really suffering from Coeliac Disease and even traces of gluten cause severe problems PLEASE avoid drinking beer which is not gluten free. The information in this blog is intended for people who are interested in the gluten content of beer or do not suffer severely after they have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (like me) or people who are sensitive on gluten for whatever reason.

Beer brewing industry: Please note, the intention of this site is not to blame you for having gluten in your beer. I do know that beer normally contains barley malt and so gluten. I am just interested in the amount of gluten which helps people to indentify if they can continue drinking your excellent beer or need to change to gluten free beer. If you consider some posts unfair or want to have content removed please contact me.