Gluten free: Gluten in beer is a fact. And for people with Gluten Sensitivity or Coeliac Disease the amount of gluten measured in part per million (ppm) is an important fact. According to the Codex Alimentarius products with less than 20 parts per million (ppm), equal 20 mg per kg, are considered gluten free.

Really gluten free?: Even traces of gluten below 20 ppm can provoke reactions to some people. But let’s take the 20 ppm as the gluten free threshold as this level is the most common and widely accepted. However, if you can not tolerate even tiny amounts of gluten please simply don’t drink any beer containing barley or wheat. I do not claim that any of the beer I test are safe for people with Gluten Sensitivity or Coeliac Disease.

Gluten test facts: All gluten tests posted here are just basic gluten content tests and no scientific essays. Further more, the same test on another day can give completely different results due to the fact that the barley quality can vary, beer brewing processes can change etc. The tests can also be false due to technical reasons or wrong usage. I do not declare to be a gluten specialist or biochemist so please take this site as it is – a platform to post gluten test results and discuss.

Gluten test kits: Gluten is a composite protein made of Gliadin and Glutenin and the analysis of the gluten content is very complex. I (and the contributors) will use simple home kits to detect gluten. I do not own a sterile laboratory with ELISA testing facilities but I will follow the home kit instructions carefully to avoid false results.