How to contribute:

Obviously the first things you need are a bottle of the beer you want to test and a home test kit to test this beer on its gluten content. Such test kits can be easily ordered on the internet, please find some more information here. Once you have that get prepared for the test:

    • Get an account and become an author on Please click here to register. Don’t worry there is no membership or something associated with your account. You can always have your account deleted.
    • Take a picture of the beer bottle and all labels  
    • Write down the following information (if applicable):
      Name of the beer, e.g. San Miguel
      Producer, e.g. Grupo Mahou-San Miguel
      Originating country (not necessarily equal to brewing location), e.g. Spain
      Brewing location (stated on label), e.g. Brewed in the E.U.
      Bottle size, e.g. 0.33 l
      Alcohol by volume (in ‰), e.g. 5.1
      Ingredients (can vary depending on country law), e.g. water, barley, hops, yeast
      Anything else you might find interesting for readers
    • Describe the test kit (kit name, manufacturer etc.) and start the test process according to the instructions
    • You may take pictures of the test process but this is not obligational. More important is to take a picture of the test result depending on your test kit. It could be a test stripe, a card or a unit. Please ensure to have enough light for your picture or use your flash light.
    • Estimate the level of gluten based on the instructions in your home test kit
    • Login to and in your dashboard click on Posts/Add New. Enter a useful title, select Tests in Categories on the right.
    • Now use the editor to post all the text and format the text as you like.
    • Upload the pictures by clicking on Add Media. Insert the pictures into your post.
    • Click on Submit for Review and that’s it. After a review your new post will be published. Please note to review the post is no censorship. I will just check for illegal content (see my disclaimer here).

See an example on how a post with a test should look like here.

Please only use pictures you have taken yourself, don’t take any pictures you find on the internet and upload them. They may be protected by copyright.