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GlutenTox Home Kit

Biomedal’s GlutenTox Home Kit is rapid and user-friendly test for gluten detection in food, beverages, and even cosmetics. To detect gluten GlutenTox home uses the G12 antibody which recognizes 33-mer, the most toxic fragment of the gliadin present in gluten.

For testing beer the extraction step is also required, hence all kit equipment listed below is needed. With this kit gluten can be detected based on thresholds. To measure down to a level of 5 ppm 10 drops of the extraction solution need to be added to the dilution solution, 4 drops for 10 ppm, 2 drops for 20 ppm and 1 drop for 40 ppm.

The kit can be purchased here:
US: Emport LLC
Canada: GlutenTox CA
International: GlutenTox Home

Each kit consists of the following:
-a bottle containing extraction solution (yellow cap)
-a bottle containing dilution solution (blue cap)
-a plastic spoon
-a plastic pipette
-a GlutenTox Home stick with another pipette

Below are some pictures of the kit (click on the thumbnails to enlarge).

GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit

How to read the test result:

The appearance of a clearly visible red line on the right of the test area ( T ) indicates the presence of gluten based on the defined thresholds. The intensity of the red line will vary depending on the gluten concentration present in the sample. If a blue line does not appear on left of the stick in the control area ( C ) the test is invalid.

This is how a negative result looks like (taken from the Heineken Gluten Test post):

GlutenTox Home Kit

Here are two examples of positive results. Low positive on the left side (from Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier Gluten Test) and high positive on the right from a test I have done with cookies which contain wheat.

Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier Gluten Test rdnuss Spass Gluten Test

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  1. Blake

    Did you have to boil the beer prior to testing with this kit?

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