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Duvel Gluten Test

There are not many Belgian beers available in Germany. Well, there is actually no need to import beer from Belgium as the German beer is generally good but Belgian beer has a good reputation in the world. From the few Belgian beers I found most contain strong alcohol and wheat like Chimay and Grimbergen. One […]

La Chouffe Blonde Gluten Test

Winner of the recent poll was La Chouffe, a famous Belgian Trappist beer in a little fancy bottle. In comparison to Duvel (click here for the test result) I liked La Chouffe more, very good smell and taste. However, I can not cope with the strong alcohol. In summer times I like to enjoy a […]

Test Results

Click here if you need help interpreting the results. Beer Gluten-in-Food Kit -Test Spot Intensity (Estimation in ppm) GlutenTox Home Kit -Threshold in ppm (Test Result) Ambar Especial – 5 (negative) Amstel 0 (negative) – Asahi Super Dry 1 (positive) 5 (negative) Asahi Dry Zero 0 (negative) – Atlas Premium – 20 (negative) Augustiner Edelstoff […]

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