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All gluten test results so far


All the test results can always be found here (click or tap here). I will always add the latest test results there. This is a static page so you can bookmark this page if you like.



I established a table with all my test results so far. I will make it a static page and will always add the latest test result. But I haven’t found a useful table plugin for WordPress so far. Click on the Continue Reading link below to see the table. I established the table with Excel but it is not very comfortable to convert to html as it loses formatting and style. If anyone knows a good plugin for WordPress please leave a comment.


Beer Imutest Gluten-in-Food-Kit GlutenTox Home Kit
Test Spot Intensity (on a scale from 0 to 20) Assumption in ppm Threshold in ppm
40 20 5
Premium Verum
0 negative
Beck’s 0 negative
Blue Ribbon
1 / 2 below 20
Guinness 3 / 4 20 – 30
Budweiser negative
High Life
Busch negative
Bud Light negative
Carlsberg negative negative
Heineken negative
Gambrinus 8 / 9 above 100
Corona 0 negative



Warsteiner Gluten Test


Moosehead Gluten Test


  1. bkerr

    Hi, Some very interesting results. Im glad I have found this site. Is there any other members who have coeliac disease and have tried to now consume any of the above 5ppm and below beers?
    I have been getting Estrella Damm, gluten free beer which is very expensive and is oifficially below 3ppm.

    Curious to know other peoples findings/experiences etc


    • Les Carter from Australia

      Hi Bryan, I have tried one or two budweisers and coronas, no ill effects, but I am not pushing the boundaries. I am fairly certain the gluten content in these two beers is very low. GF beer here in Australia is very expensive $75 for 2 dozen O’briens Lager. I have tried the Estrella GF beer from Spain, not bad but expensive. So in light of Stefans testing I am going to continue with 1 or two Buds or Coronas, once or twice a week, unless I get ill from it. I am a diagnosed Celiac, jumped out and hit me 4 years ago. I stick pretty well to a GF diet. Good luck.

      Batemans Bay, Australia

      • Bryan

        Hi Les, Thanks for sharing your experience, yes GF beer is so expensive. Daura is £7.36 for 4 bottles here. I have a fairly high tolerance for low amounts of gluten with little side effects but am not sure how drinking these low gluten beers have an impact on your insides, i.e still slowly eating away at your bowel. I too was diagnosed 5 years ago and am strict with the diet unless I eat something by mistake.

  2. jschwaz

    No ill effects from Coors Light / Corona / Bud Light or Heineken. I’ve binged on a few of them too – Content has to be pretty low. Daura, as my new regular beer, has the most drinkability. Wish there was a way to do a side by side – like Daura vs. Red Bridge vs. a non-GF beer to see how they stack up. Or rather how the “GF” ones test on these home kits. Tough to scientifically baseline otherwise.

  3. Les Carter from Australia

    Talking about Redbridge, cannot handle that brew, I put a case of it on board a Princess cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale a couple of years ago, I was really struggling to drink it, but I did. Strange taste.

  4. Avatar photo

    Hi all, the updated table can be found here:


    I will always add the latest test results there. Unfortunately it is not optimised for responsive devices yet.

    Cheers Steffen

    • Bryan

      Hi Stefan, Could you test a GF beer to compare the test results. Ie Daura normal v Daura GF?


      • Avatar photo

        Hi Bryan, it is difficult to get Estrella here in Germany, the normal Estrella probably easier than GF Daura. The GF beer available in Germany is horrible and expensive, though. Cheers Steffen

  5. Robb

    Steffen, good start on cataloging beers. Does your test suggest that Warsteiner is gluten free or nearly so. I live in the US and really love German beers. Can you test some of the Spatens, Weihenstephaners, etc.

    Also do you have access to Sam Adams or any of the smaller US smaller boutique brewers like Sierra Nevada or New Belgium Brewery?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Robb,
      According to the test there is no indication of the presence of gluten so I would consider it gluten free (below 20 ppm) but of course I can not give a medical advice. I at least have no side effects when drinking Warsteiner or Beck’s.

      But the German beers you get in the US might be brewed in American breweries under licence. And so the filtration method etc. might be completely different to the German brewed beers which can give a total different test result.

      The best would be you test your favourite beers with test kits, it’s a useful investment in your health.

      Cheers Steffen

  6. Trudy

    THANK YOU for testing & posting about these beers! My husband is gluten intolerant & has been able to drink Coors Light, Corona, Heineken & Negra Modelo. We will be adding a few more that you posted to our beer fridge. Thanks again!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Trudy, Thank you very much for the kind words. Please note that I tested Heineken on a 40 ppm threshold. So it might not be suitable for people with CD or GS. I will retest Heineken in the future with a lower threshold but certainly not this year as I will test a few other beers before. Cheers Steffen

  7. Pax

    Hey Steffan

    This is awesome. I’m not celiac but I have serious trouble with high gluten content in beers. I cannot drink Sierra Nevada for example.

    I was wondering if you’d done a more extensive testing of German beers – Spaten, Paulaner, ,St. Pauli Girl… some of the Oktoberfest beers – heading to munich end of the month .Would be awesome to know what I can try. Warsteiner works for me, btw.

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Ted Devens

    Hey Steffen. So here I am enjoying. Warsteiner because of YOU! First REAL beer in 3 years. Thanks much for your research!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Ted, it’s going to be even better, to validate the first test result I will retest Warsteiner next month with another test kit which uses another antibody to determine gluten. So stay tuned 😉
      Further more, I will contact Warsteiner and ask if they allow me to visit the brewery (just 150 miles away) and ask specific questions about their brewing and filtration method.

      Cheers Steffen

    • Les Carter from Australia

      G’day Ted, which Warsteiner are you drinking and are you Coeliac? Only a couple of Warsteiners sold in Australia, o I don’t want to try the one which makes me crook (ill.)

      Cheers Les

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