Today I received a free sample of Imutest’s Gluten-in-Food Kit (5 tests). After reading the instructions it seems to be very simple. Food samples require a gluten extraction step before testing but for beer it is even simpler as the gluten (if present) is already solubilised.

Peter McCulloch, Chief Executive of Imutest Ltd., wrote me a nice email explaing the detection limit of gluten in beer will be even lower (1-2 ppm) than for solid food (10-20 ppm). This means that this test kit will give a very sensitive and accurate positive result even if there is only a tiny amount of gluten present.

Each kit consists of the following:
-a tube containing yellow food sample extraction solution ***
-a tube containing colourless diluent liquid
-a tube containing pink visualisation solution
-a scoop 0.5cc = 0.5ml ***
-a blue coloured centrifuge tube ***
-a self-measuring pipette 0.15ml
-a cotton bud ***
-a GFT (Gluten Flow-Through) test unit

**not required for testing beer

Below are some pictures of the kit (click on the thumbnails to enlarge). I will now start testing the first beer – stay tuned for the result.

Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit