lowgluten.org retrospective 2013

Thank you:
First I would like to thank all visitors, friends and registered users for your interest in my site. I started the site in August and the feedback is amazing. Thanks to all people who send nice words via Email, contact form or post comments. The number of visitors is also constantly increasing which makes me proud and confident to have set up something useful for a lot of people. Please see some statistics at the end of this post.

The gluten content in beer seems to be a very emotional topic. I posted a few of the results in some forums and sometimes I was surprised by the feedback. Beside those who were really thankful to have some test results and facts there are people who completely ignore all these facts by spreading paranoia and misinformation.

Fear sells:
The gluten free lobby is very active to tell people that they should create a completely new life by buying their gf products. It’s a huge industry already with the interest to sell and make money – and you know how expensive these products are. Unfortunately a lot of people in these forums are already manipulated and follow the cult. I stopped posting in these forums as it is really useless to discuss with ignorant people. It actually embraced me to continue testing beer and showing the gf industry that even not officially gf labelled beers can have as low gluten as the official ones.

Barley is a cereal killer 😉
I also read some funny statements. For instance one guy said that barley kills him. I did not comment this paranoid statement. Don’t get me wrong, I do know there are people who really suffer from gluten and should avoid it but some statements are just hilarious.

I have to say it a few more times. The intention of this site is to test beer on the level of gluten. For some people low gluten might be absolutely OK whilst for others only absolutely no gluten is acceptable. And that’s just fine, it should be everyone’s free decision to drink a beer with high, low or no gluten. I will focus on LOW gluten as the name of site already indicates.

I wished more people to contribute and I hope with time the site will become more popular with more contributors. Please purchase test kits (they are not that expensive), test your favourite beers and post the results here. So we can build a huge database with the level of gluten in all kinds of beer from all over the world.

Here are some statistics:
The lowgluten.org visitors by country:

USA 42%, Germany 32%, UK 8%, Spain 5%, Poland 4%, Australia 2%, Sweden 2%, Finland 1%, Italy 1%, Other 3%

lowgluten.org visitors 2013

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