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Pabst Blue Ribbon Gluten Test #2

This is the second test of PBR after I tested this famous American beer already back in March 2014. I was only able to get these huge cans with 24 oz. where you just need one per night.

Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Producer: Pabst Brewing Company
Originating country: USA
Brewing location: USA
Bottle size: 24 oz = 0.710 l
Alcohol by volume: 4.74%
Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Pabst Blue Ribbon Gluten Test Pabst Blue Ribbon Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

I tested with a threshold of 5 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Test result: There is no indication of the presence of gluten above 5 ppm. According to the instructions there should appear a clearly visible red test line on the right of the test area ( T ) to indicate the presence of gluten. The blue line on the left test area ( C ) is a control line and indicates that the extract/sample is suitable, the test has been performed correctly and all reagents are active. Please don’t take any of my test results as a medical advice – see my facts page.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Gluten Test


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  1. Adam

    Wow, that’s a real big can Steffen – 710mL!
    In Australia we get the 473mL cans.
    It’s an okay beer – not the best, but okay.
    Thanks for testing again.

  2. Dogbite Williams


    Beer Advocate posters state that PBR contains corn as do many other adjunct beers. More corn = less barley = less gluten, so the negative test result makes sense.

    I am somewhat allergic, so I prefer to drink corn-free beers.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Dogbite, yes if you are fine with the corn-free beers you should stick with them. In Germany corn is not really allowed in beer and rarely used. At least then they can not call it a pure beer due to the so called ‘purity law’. Well, it’s not real law but a marketing thing to sell pure beer instead of mixed alcohol drinks with every fancy stuff in it – like syrup but also corn.
      Cheers Steffen

  3. Les Carter

    I bought a 6 pack (473 oz (1 US pint) today from Dan Murphy, big liquor merchants in OZ. Members offer $15 Aussie a six pack. Having one right now, quite good to the taste, time will tell if the gut reacts. I am relying on the 5ppm threshold. Cheers, Les.

  4. Lester

    Decent beer, much like Budweiser, sweetish, smooth, good head. No bad reaction, only had one can pored into glass. Preferred Pabst over Carlsberg Elephant.

  5. Daryl

    Pabst is one of the tastiest low cost beers.

  6. Mr. Lahey

    Mmm Pabst Blue Ribbon ftw. Tasty and cheap! Best of both worlds.

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