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Poll: Which Trappist beer do you want me to test next?

I recently found a store which sells a number of trappist beers. I excluded some beers already as they contain wheat like Grimbergen and Chimay. So here is your chance to vote for your favourite trappist beer (containing barley but no wheat).

Which Trappist beer do you want me to test next?

  • La Chouffe Blonde (49%, 38 Votes)
  • La Trappe Tripel (46%, 36 Votes)
  • Tongerlo Blonde (5%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 78

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Beligan Beer Gluten TestPoll closed on 05/07/2015.


Krombacher Pils Gluten Test


La Chouffe Blonde Gluten Test


  1. Dogbite Williams

    I haven’t sampled any of these beers. I just voted for La Chouffe because it is so highly rated at Beer Advocate. Might as well test the best.

  2. Waldo

    La Trappe is Dutch…

    • Avatar photo

      Damn, you are right. How could this be happening? I guess during my internet research I was so much focussed on ingredients to ensure that the beer does not contain wheat that I just didn’t realize La Trappe is actually Dutch. I apologize for the inconvenience. I changed the poll name. Thanks for the advice, Waldo.



  3. Meghan

    pretty pretty please, test some FullSteam beers?

  4. Avatar photo

    Please be patient for the result. I am currently travelling and will do the test as soon as I am back. Cheers Steffen

  5. Jacob

    Was this ever tested?

  6. Jay

    Wondering if you ended up testing La Trappe? Always been curious about that beer.


  7. julie

    can you test the westmalle tripple? it is the best belgian beer

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