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Tyskie Gluten Test

The winner of the recent Polish beer poll is Tyskie Gronie. Taste and corbonation of Tyskie  is good, it finishs a bit flat but it generally is a good beer. And gluten seems to be very low, see the result below.

Beer: Tyskie Gronie
Producer: Kompania Piwowarska
Originating country: Poland
Brewing location: Poland
Bottle size: 0.5 l = approx. 16 Oz..
Alcohol by volume: 5.5%
Ingredients: water, barley malt, glucose syrup, hops, hops extract

Tyskie Gronie Gluten Test Tyskie Gronie Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

I tested with a threshold of 5 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Test result: There is no indication of the presence of gluten above 5 ppm. According to the instructions there should appear a clearly visible red test line on the right of the test area ( T ) to indicate the presence of gluten. The blue line on the left test area ( C ) is a control line and indicates that the extract/sample is suitable, the test has been performed correctly and all reagents are active. Please don’t take any of my test results as a medical advice – see my facts page.

 Tyskie Gronie Gluten Test


Poll: Which Polish beer do you want me to test next?


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  1. Mike

    This is such a great site! Can you test some more dark German and Belgian beers? I’ve noticed that many of the beers here are paler and clear and wonder if the gluten content would be affected by different malts and filtering.

    All the best!!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Mike, thanks a lot! Yes you are totally right, the gluten content relates very much on the barley (malt) quality and its production and the filtration method. For instance Guinness is produced with barley malt and roasted barley and I tested it positive on gluten http://www.lowgluten.org/guinness-gluten-test/
      Well, this is just what I guess causes the higher amount of gluten in Guinness. Would need to visit the brewery and let them explain to me and get some samples. Hmmm, you won’t believe how much I miss and wonderful Guinness Xtra Cold. :-[
      Cheers Steffen

      • Thanks Mike/Steffen, there must be a low gluten or gluten free dark or black beer we could drink, somewhere in the world !!! Help, I used to love my Guinness and Port. Visited the Guinness factory at St.James Gate, Dublin when in Ireland in 2008, had a taste or three, that was a couple of years before the Coeliac Disease attacked me, aaaagh. Keep up the good work guys. Les.

  2. Mike

    Any idea if Radeberger is low gluten? Another great easy-drinking beer. All the best!!


    • Avatar photo

      Hi Mike, yes Radeberger is a good beer. It is not the best selling but the most popular beer in Germany – this is what I read a while ago. It is definitely on my list but it can take a while as there are other beers I want to test before. Stay tuned. Cheers Steffen

  3. Lukas

    Hey, This is great news, can’t believe its gluten free.. I’m going to Poland on monday and this will be my beer of choice! 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Lukas, at least very low in gluten. A little rest risk remains. But please let us know if you have any reaction on the beer. Enjoy your trip!

      Cheers Steffen

      • Lukas

        I’ll gladly reply that I drank about 1.5-2 litres of Tyskie in 2 days, didn’t feel anything at all =) ´

        Will recommend the Cytrynywka though, if you plan on going there.

        Thanks for the site!

        • Avatar photo

          Great to hear! I will try to remember the name of the other beer when I am in Poland next time. Something with many Y’s, that should do it 😉

  4. D.Wilson

    Why have you reduced the strength of your Tyskie to 5.00 Vol it does not taste a good

  5. Elin Viken

    Something wrong with your Donate page….

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