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Bud Light Gluten Test

Bud Light is America’s best-selling beer with a revenue of almost 6 billion USD. I don’t know if this beer has been tested previously but I can imagine that many people would like to know what level of gluten Bud Light contains. Here is my test result.

Beer: Bud Light
Producer: Anheuser-Busch
Originating country: USA
Brewing location: USA
Bottle size: 16 oz (approx. 470 ml)
Alcohol by volume: 4.2%
Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast, rice
Miscellaneous:  Ingredients listed in German as product sold in Germany

Bud Light Gluten Test Bud Light Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

I tested with a threshold of 5 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Bud Light Gluten Test

Test result: The test is negative. In this test Bud Light has less than 5 ppm gluten (or even no gluten). However, it is not a medical advice – please see my facts page.


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    Emmet Allen

    After being diagnosed with Celiac Sprue 10 years ago I suffered for years drinking that swill known as Gluten Free Beer. Eventually I gave up one day drank Bud Light and had no reaction. Finally someone has given a truthful answer regarding gluten content in beer. I can’t stand how this Gluten Free movement has been hijacked by these irrational Paleo Nuts. Keep telling us the truth that’s all. Thanks.

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    Does Budweiser Light (BL) have Gluten in it? Details and authority, pls? I need to know since I am sensitive to intakes of gluten… and, I drink BL. Is its level of gluten dangerous for Celiac and U. Colitis suffers?

    To my knowledge, anything that has been made from Barley has gluten in it ???

    Is BL safe for me to drink ? For the past 4 years, something has screwed-up my digestion; stomach and small intestines; thus, poor absorption and poor digestion. Foods and liquids slush around in my stomach for hours.. unlike regular digestion. My Doc is dumbfounded.

    I need to figure this out. HELP, pls.

    • Steffen

      Hi BobF,

      Yes Bud Light contains gluten as most of the regular beers. But the level is important. In my test the level was below 5 ppm. Some beers have very, very low gluten whilst others have more. Is the level of gluten in Bud Light dangerous for you? I don’t know. Some Celiacs react stronger than others. For instance, I can take quite a lot of gluten without noticeable problems and without any intestinal damage – and I drink regular beer.

      If you react sensitive even to the tiniest amount of gluten I would recommend you not to drink regular beers. But maybe it’s not only gluten causing problems, many people have lactose intolerance or allergies to some foods (nuts etc.). I am myself also have lactose intolerance and react to hazelnuts.
      Ask your doctor to test you on food allergies and lactose.

      Cheers Steffen

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      you may be suffering from a recently discovered thing called ‘pancreatic enzyme insufficiency’

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      Has your doctor tested you for micro lymphocytic colitis

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      Take probiotics at night and get tested for c-dif.

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    Bud lite hurricane & long island ice tea

    need to know if these drinks are gluten free or not

    • Steffen

      …that’s the purpose of my site. The only thing I can offer is to share my test results. The test kit I used is reliable but if you are not sure and suffer from tiny amounts of gluten better stay away from anything what could contain gluten.

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    Tristan mark

    So I found out I have celiac disease only very recently and I’ve been wondering if bud ice it’s okay .

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    Thanks for the information!

    Even with my gluten intolerance, Bud Light never seems to upset me.

    I think its different for everyone

    • Lester


      Every Coeliac has a different level of tolerance, some can absorb a little gluten, some cannot absorb any gluten. My advice and as I do… sample one of the beers tested by Steffen and his merry band of testers, if the beer makes you ill, don’t persevere.

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    I am a biopsy confirmed Celiac since 2005. First couple of years drank only beers listed as gluten free. Like some others I was wondering if during the brewing process the amount of gluten was so small that it would not bother me. I drank a bud light about 7 years ago with no negative effects. Have continued to drink it almost daily since and actually had a celiac blood test last year to see if I had any anti-bodies and it was negative. Thanks for your test results as I was pretty sure for me the beer was ok.

    • Steffen

      Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback. This is also my experience. I live gluten free apart from regular (barley containing) beer but my blood test also had no anti-bodies and the intestinal biopsy did not show any damage.
      As usual – this is not a medical advice. It works for me and Tom and I guess for most of us Celiacs but there may be a few cases which can not tolerate even tiny amounts of gluten.

      Cheers Steffen

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        Thanks for the reply and cheers!

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        HI Steffen,
        Here it is 2019. I commented on this 3 years ago. Now it has been about 10 years since I started drinking Bud Light. Have had no issues yet. Hope all is well with you. Cheers!


        • Steffen

          Hi Tom, great to see you back here. I also haven’t changed my approach. Still living gf with the exception of beer – and still everything OK. Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers Steffen

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    I drank a BL last night. They’ve been in my frig for almost a year, someone left them and I’m painting so I thought eh I’ll try one. It takes me about 2 – 3 days before I feel the intestinal effects of gluten but I get blurred vision from gluten almost to the point I can not read a text. Does anyone else have this symptom?


    • Steffen

      2-3 days later? Maybe it was the paint.

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      Bobbie Jo

      I just have an intolerance to gluten and it takes about 2 days for me to feel the effects also intestinally. If I do get crazy and feel like eating gluten ( which is small portions and not very often) , I will also break out with a cold sore on my face! So weird how different bodies react differently to allergies!!!

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        I don’t feel any effects until 36-48 hours later. You’re not alone!

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      Cynthia Holbert

      Hey, beer actually has an expiration date. If it was sitting for a year then it was for sure expired and probably gave you pretty bad diarrhea. Beer o ly stays good about 90 days and the beer distributor rotates the beers at the store and takes back the expired ones. I would give it a shot again with fresh beer.

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      Yes Bored, besides the intestinal issues, my vision blurs when I eat gluten. I know I’ve been glutened by that symptom before the intestinal distress kicks in. It happens fairly quickly.

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    Bobbie Jo, I cut way back on gluten, with great results:

    I lost 11 pounds in 6 months (deflated that spare tire!). I also have less nasal mucus, less oral phlegm, fewer violent sneezes (my co-workers are grateful), and better digestion.

    Yes, we are all different, including non-celiacs who still have trouble with gluten.

    • Steffen

      Bobbie Jo and Dogbite Williams, yes you are right every person reacts differently on gluten. The symptoms are different and a lot of people out there with these symptoms don’t even know they are intolerant to gluten. And in my case it took a number of doctors to find out that gluten was causing my problems. Now I stay away from gluten as much as I can. But I can handle low gluten quite good.

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    Do you if Bud Light Lime has Gluten/wheat in it?

    • Steffen

      Hi Dustin, I don’t think it contains wheat but probably barley malt. The gluten content needs to be tested. I don’t think it’s much but I wouldn’t like to test it as I prefer regular beer. Sorry.

      Cheers Steffen

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    Jeff T

    Like many comments I am also a celiac and have been drinking only BL for the last 8 years. My tests have been nothing but positive. There are varying levels of severity but I swear by my BL

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    I’m a severe celiac sufferer to the point I have to use my own toaster for GF bread at home. The tiniest amount of gluten sends me into hours of bathroom visits, extreme exhaustion and stabbing stomach pains. I know within minutes if I’ve had gluten to the point I can’t finish a meal/beverage. I love my beer and the GF beers are horrible. About 5 years ago, I was talked into trying a king can of Bud Light(BL) one evening after lots of research and to my DELIGHT….zero effects. The next day I went out and crushed 15 BL’s golfing….again with no celiac effects. In my opinion, being a severe celiac, BUD LIGHT IS SAFE. I should be a spokesman for BL because I tell everyone my experience and all that have tested my theory are also very happy and symptom free. Even non celiac people I know have switched to BL and feel much better

    • Steffen

      Hi Ryan and Jeff T, thanks for your comments and experience with Bud Light. The most important thing is your own experience and if you can cope with Bud Light then it’s just fine. I can confirm your experience. And in the heat of Florida in summer Bud Light is ideal, refreshing and low alcohol.

      Cheers Steffen

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      Susan Woodside

      This just made my day ! Thank you for posting. I have been so scared to try it.
      I’m going to this weekend.
      Have a wonderful night.

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    Hi All,
    After reading these recent posts, I decided to give Bud Light Lime a try, even though I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 4 years ago. On Saturday night, I tentatively opened my first bottle, drank and waited….. After an hour, I felt completely normal. I took this as a good sign and opened my second. NO bad signs. On Sunday, I had 4, sitting around the pool. NO bad signs. I am a believer now -and so happy to be having a nice cold beer on a hot day. Thanks for all of your information.

    • Steffen

      Hi Jackie, thanks for your feedback. I tested Bud Light so not quite the same as Bud Light Lime. But I would assume that Bud Light Lime has not more gluten than regular Bud Light as it has some other ingredients (flavour, syrup etc.) in addition.
      Good that you had no reaction and thanks for sharing your experience.

      Cheers Steffen

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    I just tried it because of the raves about it being low in gluten. Well not low enough for me!! If you too have an allergy to gluten (celiac) , you will want to avoid this beer.

    • Steffen

      Hi Judy, sorry to hear you reacted on it. It always depends on how much gluten celiacs (like you and me) can tolerate. If you are not sure avoid barley containing beers. I am fine with the low gluten beers but it doesn’t mean it’s a medical advice for others.
      Cheers Steffen

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    How about the new bud lite orange? I have been symptom free with the Lime, and would love to try the orange but am a little hesitant… my labs have been perfect since. Gf for 3 yrs . I do,get gi symptoms about 18 hrs after accidental ingestion

    • Steffen

      Hi Kathy, it’s the first time I hear of this beer. The ingredients are probably the same apart from the orange flavour. But interesting how you react, 18 hours later, other people report it takes 2 to 3 days.

      Cheers Steffen

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    I am Celiac , biopsy confirmed no major stomach issues after my pregnancy i had a terrible rash that was diagnosed Dermatitis Herpetitformis through skin biopsy however by the time i had my actual scope the rash was completely gone before i even went GF. I have been gluten free for 9 months. I truly dislike the taste of all the gluten free beers have tried so many. After reading this post and talking to other celiacs i would like to give bud light a try it was my go to drink prior to diagnosis. But am very nervous that i don’t get symptoms how can i know if it is causing damage or not?

    • Steffen

      Hi Leeanne, in doubt better stay away from barley containing beers. I stay with regular beers as I made no bad experience and all my screenings were OK so far. No damage was seen during my last intestinal biopsy. No atrophy of the villi and no increase of intraepithelial T-lymphocytes. But everyone reacts differently on gluten and you had another autoimmune disease in addition to CD. At the end of course it’s your decision. Cheers Steffen

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    Thanks to sites like this, I’ve started trying Bud Light even though gluten contamination will have me on the toilet in 10 minutes and I can happily say that I can drink a few Bud Lights a day with no consequences what’s so ever. I would like to know what other beers should be pretty safe.

    • Steffen

      Hi Mike, thanks a lot. This is really valuable feedback. Please take a look at the test results page: http://www.lowgluten.org/gluten-test-results/ to find out which beers we tested negative on gluten. It doesn’t automatically mean it’s safe but gluten level is low or very low and many Coeliacs could consume without reaction or harm.
      Cheers Steffen

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    I am celiac since 1989 and have had follow up biopsys to confirm villi completely recovered. I drink Canadian Coors lite and Labatt lite (not Blue Lite) with no gluten symptoms. My Dr. had the Labatt Lite tested and it does contain gluten but ppm we’re not disclosed. Occasionally I’ll drink a Corona.
    I find slight discomfort with the gluten free beers.

    • Steffen

      Hi Derry, thanks a lot for the information. The same for me with German mainstream beers. No atrophy of the villi and no increase of intraepithelial T-lymphocytes. So to me they work and my doc is always happy with the biopsy results (so am I of course). Cheers Steffen

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    Hi Steffen,

    Firstly may I say, brilliant work you’re doing; the website is a God-send!

    I’m from the UK and a biopsy confirmed Coeliac. When ‘glutened’ I suffer with: cramps, diarrhea, mouth ulcers & fatigue.

    After diagnosis, I assumed no more beer for me. But your website has helped loads! I’ve tried many beers you’ve recommended and no ill health/symptoms (for a year now).

    Bud Light is becoming very popular in the UK and I’ve been drinking it for a year with zero effects.

    Thanks once again and keep up the good work, Chris

    P.S. may I ask a small request for a test on Birra Moretti & Asahi Dry?

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    I am gluten intolerant. But I have been drinking Bud light for many years with no adverse effects.

  20. Avatar


    Your website is amazing…I’ve had to go gluten free due to autoimmune conditions and felt a sense of loss without my beer. You’ve given me the confidence and information to be able to enjoy beer again!

    • Steffen

      Hi Kristen, just be careful, the combindation of CD and other autoimmune diseases can risk your health. Here even tiny amounts of gluten can cause problems. Just watch your body when you drink beer. Cheers Steffen

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