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How to read the gluten test summary table

The most visited page on my site is the test results summary table. As I received a few enquiries how the table works here a short explanation on how to read the test results.

I test the beer with two different test kits which also work differently.

The Gluten-in-Food kit works with an intensity scale, the darker the test spot the more gluten is in the sample. The test spot intensity is scaled from 0 (no visible spot) to 20 (dark red) whilst the control spot is estimated with an intensity of 6/7 (light pink). This allows the estimation of the level of gluten based on assay from the manufacturer.

The GlutenTox Home kit works with thresholds which can be set to 40, 20 or 5 ppm depending of the number of drops from the extraction solution which will be added to the unit. If a red test line appears the test is positive based on the defined threshold.

This is how it looks like on desktop PC’s:

Gluten Test Table Help

On smartphones and other responsive devices it looks like this:

Gluten Test Table Help


Warsteiner Gluten Test #2


Dorada Gluten Test


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    Change colors of “negative” and “positive” from both yellow to, say blue nad red to allow easier distinction

    • Steffen

      Hi Laurens, this is actually a fantastic idea. Thanks for that, need to update the table anyway.

      Cheers Steffen

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    Cheyne Colley

    Hi Steffen,
    great website and very informative from a recently diagnosed coelic. I love a beer but generally can’t find a gluten free/low gluten beer on tap, apart from the odd Pure Blonde ( which i drink at home in stubbies with little to no side effects). Is there any chance you could test and hopefully find some low gluten ‘mainstream’ beers.
    Thanks very much,

    • Steffen

      Hi Cheyne,

      Tapped beers are difficult to test in general. I mean you can only do this in the pub/bar/restaurant directly and even then the results will be different depending on the place. If you test the same beer from the same tap one week later it already can show a different test result as they probably changed the barrel already. Also a tapped bud in one bar can have a different test result than in another bar. There are many ways from cross-contamination.

      Cheers Steffen

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    Attn: Cheyne Colley –

    Click on “All test results at a glance” in the right-hand column. Steffen has tested many mainstream beers. Those testing negative include Bud Light, Coors Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Plisner Urquell and Warsteiner are available at Trader Joe’s and they rate higher than the beers I mentioned in the first paragraph. Check the reviews at Beer Advocate and RateBeer.

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    Karl mccarthy

    This is brilliant, just realised my fav. Bud is ok Cheers 🙂

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    Hi Steffen

    Fantastic …..any plans to test effes?

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