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Modelo Especial Gluten Test

Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo are probably the best selling Mexican beers beside Corona. I tested Modelo Especial and found it very similar to Corona – crisp, refreshing and light. And I expected low gluten as in my Corona test from 2013.

Beer: Modelo Especial
Producer: Grupo Modelo
Originating country: Mexico
Brewing location: Mexico
Bottle size: 330 ml = approx. 12 Oz.
Alcohol by volume: 4.4%
Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, corn, yeast (internet research)
Miscellaneous: ingrediants and ABV not stated on lable

Modelo Especial Gluten Test Modelo Especial Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

I tested with a threshold of 5 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Test result: There is no indication of the presence of gluten above 5 ppm. According to the instructions there should appear a clearly visible red test line on the right of the test area ( T ) to indicate the presence of gluten. The blue line on the left test area ( C ) is a control line and indicates that the extract/sample is suitable, the test has been performed correctly and all reagents are active. Please don’t take any of my test results as a medical advice – see my facts page.

Modelo Especial Gluten Test


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  1. Avatar

    Linda Clemente

    Thank you for this very helpful information.

  2. Avatar

    Scott Kavanaugh

    I really like Modelo and I want it to b gluten free, but I wonder Since I feel bloated when drinking it

    • Steffen

      Hi Scott, in doubt better stay away from barley containing beers. Everyone reacts differently. Have you tried officially gf labbeled beers and if you feel bloated then too? Or compared with other beers which contain barely but believed to be gf like Corona?

      Cheers Steffen

    • Avatar


      I’m gluten intolerant, and I been drinking modelo and I can tell you is safe

    • Avatar


      This is a weird question, but are you drinking it out of the bottle? Try pouring it into a glass and letting it get a good head. Sometimes unreleased CO2 in beer gets stuck in your tummy and causes bloating.

      • Steffen

        Hi Ani, good point. Often tummy problems do not come from the low gluten in beer. And if people tell me they had six beer after an opulent dinner and blame the gluten then something is really wrong. Cheers Steffen

  3. Avatar


    If you get a chance could you test Victoria beer from Mexico? That and Pacifico are my favorite beers of all time

    • Avatar


      I’d very much appreciate it if you get a chance. Thanks

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