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Coopers Clear Gluten Test

Another test provided by Adam:

I tested another Cooper’s beer, Cooper’s Clear.  It’s a dry beer and a low carb (low carbohydrate) beer.  This style of beer is very popular in Australia.  It’s not really all that flavoursome but it would be refreshing on a hot day.  I vaguely remember drinking it eleven or so years ago before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease.  I remember it tasting better, maybe they changed the recipe?  Anyway it’s made in my city of Adelaide in the state of South Australia, Australia.  And is another option for people in Australia.  It is in a 355mL bottle and has 4.5% alcohol.  I tested at a threshold of 20ppm.  As you can see there is no red line.  😉

Sorry about the photos.  I poured the beer out before taking any photos!

Beer: Coopers Clear
Producer: Coopers Brewery
Originating country: Australia
Brewing location: Australia
Bottle size: 355 ml = approx. 12 Oz.
Alcohol by volume: 4.5%
Ingredients: not stated on label
Miscellaneous: Thanks for test, Adam!

Coopers Clear Gluten Test Coopers Clear Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

Adam tested with a threshold of 20 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Test result: There is no indication of the presence of gluten above 20 ppm. According to the instructions there should appear a clearly visible red test line on the right of the test area ( T ) to indicate the presence of gluten. The blue line on the left test area ( C ) is a control line and indicates that the extract/sample is suitable, the test has been performed correctly and all reagents are active. Even though this test is negative please note it is not a medical advice – see my facts page.

Coopers Clear Gluten Test


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  1. Dogbite Williams

    Thanks for your contributions, Adam.

    Steffen, Adam’s test result was negative. Please edit your comment.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Dogbite, yes you are right. I changed it, thanks for letting me know. Cheers Steffen

  2. mick

    Hi Adam, did get any cealiac reaction from drinking it?

  3. Adam, Adelaide, Australia

    Hello Mick

    No coeliac reaction from drinking it, and my last coeliac/gluten level blood test result was excellent.

    The most I drank in one night was three or four stubbies.

    Cheers, Adam.

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