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Modelo Especial Gluten Test

Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo are probably the best selling Mexican beers beside Corona. I tested Modelo Especial and found it very similar to Corona – crisp, refreshing and light. And I expected low gluten as in my Corona test from 2013.

Beer: Modelo Especial
Producer: Grupo Modelo
Originating country: Mexico
Brewing location: Mexico
Bottle size: 330 ml = approx. 12 Oz.
Alcohol by volume: 4.4%
Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, corn, yeast (internet research)
Miscellaneous: ingrediants and ABV not stated on lable

Modelo Especial Gluten Test Modelo Especial Gluten Test

Test Kit: GlutenTox Home Kit

I tested with a threshold of 5 ppm. The limit of detection depends on the number of drops taken from the extraction solution, please find some more information here.

Test result: There is no indication of the presence of gluten above 5 ppm. According to the instructions there should appear a clearly visible red test line on the right of the test area ( T ) to indicate the presence of gluten. The blue line on the left test area ( C ) is a control line and indicates that the extract/sample is suitable, the test has been performed correctly and all reagents are active. Please don’t take any of my test results as a medical advice – see my facts page.

Modelo Especial Gluten Test


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  1. Linda Clemente

    Thank you for this very helpful information.

  2. Scott Kavanaugh

    I really like Modelo and I want it to b gluten free, but I wonder Since I feel bloated when drinking it

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Scott, in doubt better stay away from barley containing beers. Everyone reacts differently. Have you tried officially gf labbeled beers and if you feel bloated then too? Or compared with other beers which contain barely but believed to be gf like Corona?

      Cheers Steffen

    • Lilie

      I’m gluten intolerant, and I been drinking modelo and I can tell you is safe

    • Ani

      This is a weird question, but are you drinking it out of the bottle? Try pouring it into a glass and letting it get a good head. Sometimes unreleased CO2 in beer gets stuck in your tummy and causes bloating.

      • Avatar photo

        Hi Ani, good point. Often tummy problems do not come from the low gluten in beer. And if people tell me they had six beer after an opulent dinner and blame the gluten then something is really wrong. Cheers Steffen

  3. Joshua

    If you get a chance could you test Victoria beer from Mexico? That and Pacifico are my favorite beers of all time

    • Joshua

      I’d very much appreciate it if you get a chance. Thanks

  4. Karen

    I have Celiacs disease and have been able to enjoy Modelo with no symptoms. Being a beer drinker all my adult life, then the diagnosis 6 years ago. I am thrilled to discover a truly tasty beer. I do like Red Bridge but it is not available in my area of north coast Ohio.

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for letting us know. This is really useful as ther personal experience is always the best. Cheers Steffen

    • Tracy Brunt

      I am Celiac as Well!! I was thrilled to find Budwiser 5ppm to possibly zero gluten!! Going to Mexico next week, gonna try Modelo or Corona..

  5. April

    I have Celiacs and tolerate Modelo fine, being on vacation recently I was looking for beer and love Corona, tried the Modelo after some research and have had no issues 😊

    • Avatar photo

      Hi April, great to hear. Thanks for the information this is very valuable for all Celiacs around who love Modelo. Cheers Steffen

  6. Jordan

    Celiac, and drink modelo just fine, thank you for your research as well as everyone’s replies!

  7. Chris

    I am gluten intolerant as well – Age 46 – male – went to an SEC college where drinking beer was a daily ritual…any who – Both Modelo yellow and negro, for me; at least – I don’t have any reaction to them. WAY better than the ‘ciders’ imho.

    I live out in Koo-Koo Fornia where the government employees do no work, and make a killing doing nothing…and where there is a decent gluten free beer made in Oregon but I forget it’s name since they are not aggressive at all to sell their products in more places…have to go to BEV MO which is like Bottles.

    At any rate – thumbs up on Modelo! I get bloated with Corona – and grew up drinking a ton of it in Florida…got gluten intolerant after going through a major surgery when I was young. Prior to the surgery – never had any issues with gluten.

    P.s. California sucks

    • Ej

      Then move out of CA. Easy.

    • Deb

      100% gluten free GhostFish ale is manufactured in Seattle. They have a # of varieties, including IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, grapefruit ale, OTHER. They have a pub there too serving great GF food !

      • Jeff

        And the many different styles of Dedicated GF facility beer that Ghostfish offers are each, very distinctive and I think, terrific!

        Just found them about 3 weeks ago at distributor in southern Poughkeepsie NY.

        Brought a few cans of 6 or so of their types and like ALL very much. Several were indistinguishable from “real” GF containing brews.

  8. Sarah

    I’m coeliac, and Modelo doesn’t affect me at all, it’s great!

  9. Lois

    I’m celiac and Modelo & Corona don’t make me sick or uncomfortable! 🙂

    (I do feel bloated and sick if i drink too many though lol but i’m not sure that’s gluten related..)

  10. Cody

    Just came across this and wanted to comment as well. I have celiac, diagnosed about 10 years ago. I was an amateur home brewer before the diagnosis so Ive always been searching for good beers. I can say a couple Modelo or Corona don’t provoke any symptoms. I just wonder if there is any kind of intestinal damage stemming from it, lol. Would hate to be doing my bowels an injustice.

    On another note Ghost Fish out of Seattle (I believe) have some great GF beers if anyone gets their hands on them. Recommend the Meteor Shower

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Cody,

      This is a valid point. Even with no reaction gluten can harm of course. I can only give you my experience. My last intestinal biopsy did not show any damage. No atrophy of the villi and no increase of intraepithelial T-lymphocytes. And I drink regular beer. However, it’s not a medcial advice. It’s my choice and I am fine with it. My body – my choice 🙂

      Cheers Steffen

  11. Lyn

    Have you tested Negra Modelo? That is my favorite!

    • Cory Lane

      I would love to see a test done on Modelo Negra specifically. Great idea.

  12. I have celiac disease and have no issues with Corona or Modelo Especial. I usually only drink 1-2 beers. Looking for yo trying Negro as I used to love dark beers before the gluten allergy.

  13. Karen

    Tried a Mexican IPA last March. Can’t tell you the name, but it was mostly a green and
    silver ( or gold possibly ) can with a conquistador man on the label. I am celiac, normally drink Corona down there, but tried this when I ran out. It tasted much like Corona, and
    my gut didn’t object at all.🙂🇨🇦

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