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100 Beers Tested

100 Beers Tested lowgluten.org

With Willy’s test of Brand Pilsener we achieved the milestone of 100 tested beers. In August 2019 we conducted the 100th gluten test but now we have reached the 100 beers. As announced already I will focus on different things and not test so much anymore. If you have tests completed and want to share the results you still can reach out to me of course. The site will stay alive as we still have more than 20.000 visitors per month (real visitors, no crawlers or such) and the information we share seems to be useful to many people. And here some more statistics (click/tap on READ MORE).

100 beers tested from these countries:

Country Tested beers
Germany 20
USA 14
Australia 10
Japan 7
Netherlands 7
Panama 5
Belgium 4
Mexico 4
Spain 4
Czech Republic 3
Denmark 3
Austria 2
China 2
Finland 2
United Kingdom 2
Argentina 1
Canada 1
Greece 1
India 1
Indonesia 1
Ireland 1
New Zealand 1
Philippines 1
Poland 1
Romania 1
Singapore 1

A list with all test results can be found here (click or tap on the link).

68 tests were done with GlutenTox Home, 40 with Imutest and 1 with GlutenTox Pro. Please note some beers were tested more than once or tested with both home test kits.

And now the most important information. The tests were done by 9 people coming from all over the world, eight male and one female contributor. Thank you guys, the gf and low gluten community is surely thankful for your effort and we saved the lives of many beer lovers who just want to enjoy a real beer with low gluten.

Cheers and take care!


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  1. Dogbite Williams

    Once again, thank you for all of your time and effort.

    Best wishes this year.

  2. Lester

    Great work Steffen.

  3. John Bentley

    Steffen, did you test Staropramen from Czech Republic yet?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi John, I did not test Staropramen on gluten so far. But occasionally I enjoy a Staropramen (it’s a great beer and rather cheap in Germany) and never experienced a reaction. Cheers Steffen

  4. George

    This site looks amazing, thank you for doing it.

    I see you’ve tested Budweiser Czech Original on the blog which came back as positive but on your list of beers you’ve posted it as negative (on a 5ppm test).

    Which is right?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Georgo, yes you are right, the negative result was from the first test and the recent test, which was positive is not yet in that list. I was too lazy to update the page. Will do it some time later.

      Cheers Steffen

  5. Evelyn Kasal

    bud lite? Coors?

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