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Hi all, I started this website one year ago and actually did not expect this enormous feedback. It is amazing what happened during the past 12 months and I am very happy that this website is useful for so many people.

At the beginning the majority of the visitors were German (mainly myself I suppose) but it changed dramatically. Most of the visitors are now from the US were the demand for such tests seems to be very high, but I also have lots of visitors from the UK, Australia (thanks Les 😉 ), Canada and the Scandinavian countries.

I tested 18 beers so far (please see here an overview of all beers I tested) and I learned a lot during the last year about test kits, antibodies, beer filtration methods etc.

There a more than 10.000 page views per month so I consider to place some little ads just to get some money back which I would reinvest in test kits. I think about using Google AdSense but I will not do affiliate marketing as I want to stay independent. There will also be no pop-ups or something annoying for visitors, just little ads in the sidebar and footer of the page.

But I don’t want to scare you off with the ads so I ask you before I do that:

Would you still visit my website when I place some ads?

  • Yes (96%, 172 Votes)
  • No (4%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 179

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All gluten test results so far


All the test results can always be found here (click or tap here). I will always add the latest test results there. This is a static page so you can bookmark this page if you like.



I established a table with all my test results so far. I will make it a static page and will always add the latest test result. But I haven’t found a useful table plugin for WordPress so far. Click on the Continue Reading link below to see the table. I established the table with Excel but it is not very comfortable to convert to html as it loses formatting and style. If anyone knows a good plugin for WordPress please leave a comment.

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McDonald’s Gluten-Free Burger

This is my first post about gluten in food and not beer. However, you may find it useful when you are sensitive to gluten. During my recent trip to Tenerife I visited a McDonald’s restaurant and at the door I saw already the well-known gluten-free symbol. The sign just says “pan sin gluten” which means something like “gluten-free bread (buns) available”.

McDonalds Gluten Free Burger

For those who are not familiar with Europe and its territories Tenerife is an island in the Atlantic ocean belonging to Spain but having some sort of autonomy. I don’t know if the gluten-free burgers are also available in continental Spain but I guess so. And I hope McDonald’s will just test the acceptance of gluten-free stuff in Spain and then extend to other countries. Very smart, they would be pioneers in the fast food industry.

McDonald’s is also very clever not advertising their products gluten-free but just saying that gluten-free buns are available. Obviously it is almost impossible for McDonald’s to sell something really gluten-free as they use the same surfaces for their normal burgers and also the chips/french fries and chicken nuggets are made in the same fryer and oil which means the fries can be contaminated. However, for someone who is sensitive and can accept traces of gluten this is just fine. I ordered a McRoyal Deluxe meal including fries (I explained already I can handle traces of gluten without problems) and here are some pictures of the burger with gluten-free buns:

McDonalds Gluten Free Burger McDonalds Gluten Free Burger McDonalds Gluten Free Burger McDonalds Gluten Free Burger McDonalds Gluten Free Burger

The buns are actually surprisingly strong and don’t fall apart when touching them. The taste is very neutral and generally OK but of course not like a normal wheat-containing bun. Anyway this is a fantastic opportunity and all you Celiacs or gluten-sensitive people out there should contact your local McDonald’s representatives asking for these buns with reference to this post and pictures. I’m lovin’ it 😉

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

lowgluten.org Merry Christmas

2013 Retrospective

lowgluten.org retrospective 2013

Thank you:
First I would like to thank all visitors, friends and registered users for your interest in my site. I started the site in August and the feedback is amazing. Thanks to all people who send nice words via Email, contact form or post comments. The number of visitors is also constantly increasing which makes me proud and confident to have set up something useful for a lot of people. Please see some statistics at the end of this post.

The gluten content in beer seems to be a very emotional topic. I posted a few of the results in some forums and sometimes I was surprised by the feedback. Beside those who were really thankful to have some test results and facts there are people who completely ignore all these facts by spreading paranoia and misinformation.

Fear sells:
The gluten free lobby is very active to tell people that they should create a completely new life by buying their gf products. It’s a huge industry already with the interest to sell and make money – and you know how expensive these products are. Unfortunately a lot of people in these forums are already manipulated and follow the cult. I stopped posting in these forums as it is really useless to discuss with ignorant people. It actually embraced me to continue testing beer and showing the gf industry that even not officially gf labelled beers can have as low gluten as the official ones.

Barley is a cereal killer 😉
I also read some funny statements. For instance one guy said that barley kills him. I did not comment this paranoid statement. Don’t get me wrong, I do know there are people who really suffer from gluten and should avoid it but some statements are just hilarious.

I have to say it a few more times. The intention of this site is to test beer on the level of gluten. For some people low gluten might be absolutely OK whilst for others only absolutely no gluten is acceptable. And that’s just fine, it should be everyone’s free decision to drink a beer with high, low or no gluten. I will focus on LOW gluten as the name of site already indicates.

I wished more people to contribute and I hope with time the site will become more popular with more contributors. Please purchase test kits (they are not that expensive), test your favourite beers and post the results here. So we can build a huge database with the level of gluten in all kinds of beer from all over the world.

Here are some statistics:
The lowgluten.org visitors by country:

USA 42%, Germany 32%, UK 8%, Spain 5%, Poland 4%, Australia 2%, Sweden 2%, Finland 1%, Italy 1%, Other 3%

lowgluten.org visitors 2013

This is how the people found lowgluten.org using search engines (top 10):

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American Beer Gluten Tests

Most of the website visitors and requests I received are from America. I am very happy to get this positive feedback from America. There seems to be a huge demand for exactly these gluten tests and so I ordered a few American beers for the next test series.

It is quite difficult to get original American beers here in Germany and it mostly comes in this fancy aluminum bottles. I prefer glass bottles but never mind, it doesn’t make a difference for the test – only for the taste.

American Beer Gluten Tests

From left to right: Budweiser, Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra

Oktoberfest Beer Gluten Tests

It’s Oktoberfest time in Germany and during this time a special beer is available which is bottom-fermented, contains strong alcohol but has a very smooth taste. Just don’t drink too much of it to avoid a headache. But what about the level of gluten? There are previous studies which show very low gluten for two tested Oktoberfest beers. According to a research from  November 2009 done by the National Food Agency of Sweden the gluten content is as follows:

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier – 26 ppm
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier – 21 ppm

I will test both again. Stay tuned for the test results.

Oktoberfest Beer Gluten Test Oktoberfest Beer Gluten Test

GlutenTox Home Kit

Today I received a free sample of GlutenTox Home Kit (5 tests). Everything in the box looks very tidy and professional. The kit seems to be easy to use to detect gluten in foods and beverages.

I had a very nice conversation with Juan Garcia from Biomedal (manufacturer of the kit) who provided some additional information on the kit’s capabilities. For testing beer the extraction step is also required, hence all kit equipment is needed. With this kit gluten can be detected based on thresholds. To measure down to a level of 5 ppm 10 drops of the extraction solution need to be added to the dilution solution, 4 drops for 10 ppm, 2 drops for 20 ppm and 1 drop for 40 ppm.

Each kit consists of the following:
-a bottle containing extraction solution (yellow cap)
-a bottle containing dilution solution (blue cap)
-a plastic spoon
-a plastic pipette
-a GlutenTox Home stick with another pipette

Here are some pictures of the kit (click on the thumbnails to enlarge).

GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit GlutenTox Home Kit

Imutest Gluten-in-Food Kit

Today I received a free sample of Imutest’s Gluten-in-Food Kit (5 tests). After reading the instructions it seems to be very simple. Food samples require a gluten extraction step before testing but for beer it is even simpler as the gluten (if present) is already solubilised.

Peter McCulloch, Chief Executive of Imutest Ltd., wrote me a nice email explaing the detection limit of gluten in beer will be even lower (1-2 ppm) than for solid food (10-20 ppm). This means that this test kit will give a very sensitive and accurate positive result even if there is only a tiny amount of gluten present.

Each kit consists of the following:
-a tube containing yellow food sample extraction solution ***
-a tube containing colourless diluent liquid
-a tube containing pink visualisation solution
-a scoop 0.5cc = 0.5ml ***
-a blue coloured centrifuge tube ***
-a self-measuring pipette 0.15ml
-a cotton bud ***
-a GFT (Gluten Flow-Through) test unit

**not required for testing beer

Below are some pictures of the kit (click on the thumbnails to enlarge). I will now start testing the first beer – stay tuned for the result.

Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit Imutest Gluten Test Kit


Welcome to my blog about gluten content in beer. I already have a nice collection of different beer which I hope to get tested soon. I am now looking for a test kit which is easy to use on one hand but gives useful results on the other.

I am going to test the most relevant and best selling beer in the world as well as some of the ones I personally like. I guess I will start with these ones:

Corona – Mexican beer which is believed to be gluten free (we will see)

Gambrinus – From Czech Republic, one of my favourite beers.

Corona Gambrinus Gluten Test

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