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New Test Kits Arrived

New kits have just arrived and I am going to do some tests soon. I will start with a poll and in parallel test some other beers. I was a bit sceptical since Imutest moved to the R5 antibody and changed some procedures. Still I am not convinced that it is the right way, hence I will use the new kits to verify the reliability. R5 is a newer antibody compared to Skerritt (which was used before by Imutest) and recognises the gliadin component of gluten. Is it the best antibody for barley containing products like beer? I don’t know to be honest. Anyway, tests are coming soon – stay tuned.

Imutest Test Kit Imutest Test Kit


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  1. Erik Näsström

    Hmm, as a homebrewer I was thinking of buing a test kit to test my own beer since I use brewers clarex to remove the gluten but I’ll wait and see what your thoughts are on the R5 first!

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Erik, test results are coming soon. But the latest test results with Imutest were already done with the R5 antibody. When you scroll through the results you will see the R5 mark in the pics. Cheers Steffen

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