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Poll: Which Dutch beer do you want me to test next?

Heineken is the most popular Dutch beer. I tested Heineken already some time ago but on a 40 ppm threshold. Don’t ask me why I have done that. It was my first test with GlutenTox Home so I played around with the levels and thresholds I guess but more useful are the 20 or 5 ppm thresholds.

Anyway, this is the chance to get Heineken tested again on a 5 ppm threshold if it wins the poll. Opponents are Grolsch and Alfa. Please vote below.

Which Dutch beer do you want me to test next?

  • Heineken (55%, 67 Votes)
  • Grolsch (29%, 35 Votes)
  • Alfa (16%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 121

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Dutch Beer Gluten Test Low Gluten Free Beer Test Results Coeliac Disease Celiac Sensitive Gluten Sensitivity IntolerancePoll closed on 30/04/2015.


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  1. Adam from Adelaide, Australia

    When are you doing the Heineken test Steffen? No hurry at my end – I recently bought two cartons of Beck’s (for just $AUS81.60).

  2. George

    Steffen, I live in Townsville Australia. Can you do a test on XXXX Gold?

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